Sunday...another day of rest?

I normally like to work one day on the weekend. My husband goes golfing (on public courses, of course!) Mabel goes to Doggy Day Care to play with other dogs and I have an entire uninterrupted day to write. We each get a day to ourselves doing something that makes us all happier to see each other later on. It is a small luxury that I count on to actually make progress in my work. There are no last minute auditions to worry about, no work e-mails, no construction madness or noisy gardeners, just an entire day without deadlines that frees me up to create at my own pace, whatever that may be on that particular day.

Unfortunately this shoulder injury has left me exhausted and unproductive. Yesterday was my third massage/acupuncture treatment and it knocked me on my ass. I felt like I had been hit by a freight train. I had plans to meet other writer friends from one of my on line classes for lunch in Pasadena. After my treatment I canceled, and then rescheduled when a friend offered to drive me. I wanted to see everyone and I am glad that I did.

It was great to visit in person with the authors of the amazing personal essays that I have had the privelage of reading over the last few months. Writing is an often lonely process and my interaction with other writers tends to happen in cyber space where we e-mail each other questions and concerns and cheer each other on.

But then it was home again to the couch for more rest and I am hoping that Dr.Kim's promise of my shoulder feeling better by Sunday is true. It is still too early to tell.
Time for the farmers market and hopefully a little less rest and a little more writing today.

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