Soups on...

This could be a picture of my lobotomized brain, but really it is a photo of a beautiful heirloom tomato.

Writing is an amazingly frustrating maddeningly difficult and when it happens glorious and exhilarating process. Well for me anyways, some people...I've heard they exist...just sit down and typety type type...pull Pulitzer prize winning prose out of their patooties! Wow. Let's round 'em up and grill them on their obviously secret voodoo ways I say!

Alas, yesterday was another one of those days, and I think my ever renovating neighbors are partly to blame...there is nothing like the constant sound of hammering and drilling to get that brain going! I lived in NYC for three years, and I think that this street of late has actually been noisier. However I was determined not to give up and squeezed 3 pages out of my head, and then went for a nice long walk and bought...another cook book.

I love cookbooks, even though I almost always cook without one, they are great inspiration and one of the ways that I relax. I have vegan cookbooks, Dean & Deluca, Moosewood, Donna Hay, Martha Stewart, Fresh...and at night when my husband curls up with a good paperback, I dream about soup.

My latest from Deborah Madison is all about soup, and it has great recipes and beautiful pictures. It has soups for all seasons, soups that are more like stews, and seeing it is officially soup season and the farmers markets are full of amazing produce, I have been on a soup making spree! It helps my brain to unwind after an afternoon of trying to create a world out of thin air, like an architect without blueprints.

And that heirloom tomato was delicious in a big bowl of quinoa vegetable soup.


Jessica said...

Hi GIna
I posted a comment on your lovely tomato picture and delicious sounding soup and it's not up. Is this weird?

Gina Sorell said...

Hi Jess,

This came up...could you try again?


Jessica said...

I just wanted to say how beautiful your tomato picture was! I also wanted to know how your Quinoa soup turned out. You make such delicious Quinoa - I can only imagine it was super yummy.

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Jessica!
It turned out really well. It was a crazy mix of zucchini, red pepper, squash, celery, and fresh flat leaf parsley, with an organic vegetable broth..Swansons low sodium of all brands...some apple cider vinegar and lite soy, some sea salt (hence the low sodium broth) and pepper.

I threw in the quinoa right near the end so that it cooked in all the flavors and then let it sit with the heat off for a few more minutes.
It was a sweet and savory thick soup, almost a stew...and it was a hit. Whew...one never knows when improvising!
G :)

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