Make Mine a Double...latte that is...I'm recovering from the Emmy's...

Monday....zzz...no wait, no time for rest, there is too much to do! The time for resting was during that unbelievably bad Emmy broadcast last night. Ugh. I felt like the people who were accepting the awards were cringing as badly as I was at the state of television. I love television. I adore Cable and wish that Network TV had about 95% less reality television...with the exception of any show on cooking. I was happy that 30 Rock and the smart talented beautiful Tina Fey won, happy that Mad Men was acknowledged, disappointed that Ricky Gervais and his season finale that skewers all things about reality tv stars and their rampant narcissism lost. I would have loved to have heard that speech, especially on a night when 5 hosts thought it was okay to do nothing but jeer and sneer their way through an unscripted 12 minute opening. And please, oh please, learn how to read a bloody teleprompter. Honestly. Oh and while I'm at it, stop with the plastic surgery people, it is so depressing to see a skintight face on a 70 year old who shakes and rambles and can't even speak properly. It is actually wrong for your face to look the same as you did 50 years ago, especially when nothing else on your body does. And yes once again for most of the ladies eating is bad, too skinny is good, looking comfortable is optional. Thank goodness for all the funny ladies who got it all going on, brains, talent, looks...otherwise who else to look up to? Truly depressing.

Jeff and I were groaning and even though he wanted to turn it off, I was saying, "No, it'll get better, this is our industry, we should support it." With the exception of Don Rickles who was hilarious, it didn't get better. Sigh.

So now I am tired, but also determined. Determined to write, determined to create, determined to keep making art and opportunities for myself and hopefully even others, determined to save myself from mind numbing drivel like I witnessed last night.

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